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[Sys] Server update announcement!!

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Patch notes:
Today we have brought a new event!
Magikale’s Crisis.
The Angel Lyceum is our sanctuary where we play and learn, and under Archangel Michael’s guard, the Evil Lyceum has never once set foot here. But we’re now facing a crisis! The [Wingstones] have served as our guardian stones all these years, but recent events have scattered them across all of Eden, and they’ve now become [Tainted Wingstones]. If the Evil Lyceum gets their hands on enough of these tainted stones, they will be a threat to the Angel Lyceum…
To protect the Angel Lyceum and all of Eden, please help collect the tainted Wingstones scattered across the land. Once you’ve collected enough of them, hand them over to [White Jack] (156, 79) in the Angel Lyceum, and he will give you a special [Magic Box] to thank you for your work. If you hand them over together with a [Soapstone], you will get an even better [Super Magic Box] instead. Please do your best to help!
If you collect enough tainted Wingstones, you can also exchange them for a [Help Cert] that will get you the corresponding Achievement. And when you’ve collected all four Achievements, you will earn the special title of [Super Purifier] and be envied by all Angels!

1. During the event, the NPC named White Jack will be available at the Angel Lyceum to provide event info and item exchange services.
2.During the event, defeat monsters Lv 21 and above, or collect resources Lv 21 and above in normal maps for a chance to get Tainted Wingstones. The drop rate will be higher in Magikale maps.
3. During the event, collect enough Tainted Wingstones, and give them to the NPC named White Jack to get Help Certs and their corresponding Achievements. Collect all 4 Achievements to earn a special title.
4. During the event, collect enough Tainted Wingstones and give them to the NPC named White Jack to get a special Magical Box.
5. During the event, you can purchase Soapstones (Price: 100 AG) from the Item Mall. Give the Soapstone together with the Tainted Wingstones to the NPC named White Jack to get an extra special Super Magical Box.

Event duration:
Start: 6th august 2021
End: 20th August 2021
NPC will stay in angel lyceum for a week after event ends

NPC Koolumbus:
Added permanent White Culumbus PD in Exchange

Dinosaur Arena:
Increased drop rates for 10 mil exp vouchers.

Green Angel:
Added Football PD
Added Racer PD

Item fixes:
Fixed “Fuse robot” taking level 19 green hammers.
Fixed Level 180/190 robots using level 19/20 green hammers

Item Mall:
Added Soap Stones (100 Ag each)
Re-Priced Pet amp related eggs to 999 AG

Spell fixes:
Removed Purple Hue from Vibrant Energy
Fixed an issue where noxious stimuli got cancelled when attacked by a player or monster.

Pet amplification:
Recently we found an exploit in which players were able to open all 7 pages, even though the game still had only 2 pages opened! This caused an unfair advantage in PvP, and to balance this we have decided to open all 7 pages of the Pet amplification system.
NOTE: For 1 week all 7 pages will cost only 1 hammer each, however after a week, the required hammer will be adjusted to half of what the original was.

All pet system related items have their price reduced to half whether it is GOLD or AG
NOTE: We will be closely monitoring the game state to try to balance PvP again!


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