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[Sys] Server update annoucement! LV190

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Hello guys!
Today we have brought you Pharaoh and East Orient expansion this update! The level cap has been increased to Lvl 190!

Pharaoh and East Orient Expansion opened!
Pharaoh and East Orient Instance mobs buffed and increased exp gain.

Level Cap:
Increased Level cap to 190!

Item Changes:
5x Exp Card: Increased usage cap to -178

Poker Castle:
Decreased EXP from mobs
Added 1 million exp voucher. The level limit for players below level 169.

Dinosaur Arena:
Adjusted mob stats.
Added 2 million Exp voucher. The level limit for players below level 179.

Angel Lyceum:
Added Level 181 recipes. Shifted 171 recipes to Main city NPC.

Reduced Cost of Pimping hammers. Starting from 1 ticket and adding +1 each new level.

Added Pharaoh themed Weapon Pd
Added Orient themed Ride Pd
Totem war level adjustment:
1.Special: No level limitations. Includes Thorn Wasteland, Mysterious Wetland, Quiet Vale and Dragon Graveyard.
2.Journeyman: Limited to Level 160 and below. Includes Thunder Ruins and North of Mirror Lake.
3.Advanced: Limited to Level 130 and below. Includes Crashing Hillock.
4.Beginner: Limited to Level 100 and below. Includes South of Mirror Lake.

Super Terra:
Added 2 million exp voucher. Level limit for players below level 179.

Item Mall:

    Weapon section:

Added 180-Zionic Weapon Lucky Bags
Added 180 and 190 Artisan lucky bags

    Ride Section:

Added ATK Rampaging Dune RC Lucky Bag
Added M-ATK Flamboyant Goldfish Lucky Bag


Added Archeology Suit Pd Egg
Added Ying-Yang Deity Pd Egg
Added Evergreen Pd Egg
Added Doctor Pd Egg

    Robot Section:

Added Orient Fashion Lucky Bag
Shifted Old fashion bags to Robot Section
Spell Changes:

Breezy Piglet Effect Reduced elemental Debuff to -30% from 50%.

Angel’s Blessing 1: Increased HP to 15000
                                  Increased MP to 10000
Angel’s Blessing 2: Increased HP to 30000
                                   Increased MP to 20000


Angel’s tear: Reduced Cooldown to 2 seconds

Energetic Light: Reduced SA% to and hp%
                   Reduced cooldown to 2.5 Seconds

NOTE: Angel’s tear and Energetic light now stack


Ice Age: Increased Ice Damage % to 500/550/600/650/700

Hell storm: Re-worked to be a single target AOE spell
                      Increased cooldown to 2 seconds


Rage armour: Now stacks with Heavy Crack
Shatter Armor: Increased skill range


Injury Cure: Fixed buff description

Bloodthirsty Air: Increased DOT damage to 5000/5500/6000/6500/8000

Rain of blades: Decreased cast time to 0.1 seconds
                          Changed to single target AOE spell

Blade storm: Decreased Cooldown to 3 seconds

Rejuvenation: Healing Increased


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