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[Sys] Server Update Annoucement!

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Pipsy’s Lost treasure Event:

Pipsy has scattered his treasure all over Eden! Helphim find his lost treasure back to exchange for limited rewards.

During this event, you can give [Pipsy] [Lost Treasure]in exchange for [Porky packs].
During this event, you can get 5* [Porky pack] from[Online Rewards (7)].
Lost treasure is dropped by killing mobs level 21+ andgathering resources.
During this event, [Royal Cuttlefish] can be boughtfrom the [Item Mall]. Exchange them along with [100-Million Angelic GoldVoucher], and you’ll get [Golden Porky packs] from [Pipsy].
[Golden Porky packs] are split into two ranks: Rookieand Veteran. The different bags depend on whether you give [Pipsy] 1 or 2[Royal Cuttlefish].
  • 1     [Royal Cuttlefish] goes for 100 AG. 11 for 1000 AG, and 111 for 10000 AG.
  • You     can get 1 [Candied Luck] from a Rookie-[Golden Porky pack] and 2 from a     Veteran one.

NPC Bao Clerk:
Bao Clerk has items from the Mall to exchange for AngelGold Dollops. This is a small step to prevent major scam that might occur inthe server.
Angel Gold Dollop can be purchased from the Item Malland can be exchanged with Bao Clerk. Each Dollop has the value of 100 AG.

NPC Resource Manager:
Shifted Grassy Token Exchange to the bottom option.
Muse PD price reduced.
Removed Summer PD Badge

NPC Heaven General:
Added Ranked- Back PD [Wings] from Rank 17 to Rank 20.

NPC Green Angel:
Removed Pirate PD
Removed Cowboy PD
Removed Space Bunny PD

Pet Amplifying system:
Increased +4 slots
Spell Rework:

Wolf Shift:
Description: Acquires the power of the wolf toincrease the caster's movement speed.
Effect: Increased movement speed without changingcaster’s form.

Wolf Bellowing:
Description: Whenequipped with a staff, Increases caster’s Physical Doge for a period of time.
Effect: IncreasesDoge rate by 5% /7% /9% /12% /15%

Prod Recipe:
Lvl 161 Recipes added back to Main city NPCs.

Spell changes:

Summon Soul Muncher V: Adjusted stats
Summon Demon: Adjusted stats

Silencing Chop: Increased casting time to 0.5 secondsfrom 0 seconds
                          Now goes to CD with deadly combo
                        Increased Cooldown to 1.5 seconds
                        Reduced Silence duration to 1 second at rank1/2/3/4 and 2 seconds at rank 5.

Death Chop: Removed crit chance
Rain of Blades: Now does not CD with Death chop.

Chapped Arrow: Increased chance to steal enemy spellshield

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