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[Sys] Server update unnoucement!

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Edited by Supermod at 2021-3-2 00:49

Patch notes for Updateevel 100-120 skills are added in angel lyceum NPCS:1) Magic Seller2)Scroll seller

Producer Recipe 121-125 are added in:Angel Lyceum: C Plan SellerMain faction city: W Plan SellerShopkeeper:Added lvl 100 lucky bags.Item mall: 1)7* skill crystal added (2000 Ag)2)Medium blood certificate's prices reduced3)Advanced Blood certificate's prices reduced4)Shapeshift scroll added 20 stacks and reduced pricing for single pcs.5)Shape Fusion Potion stacks increased to 20 and reduced price for single pcs.6)Improved pet feed's prices have been adjusted and stack have been increased to 200 pcs. Resource Manager:1)Ruby token> Grassy token exchange has been re-introduced.2)Added EXP voucher for producers from grassy token exchange.

tem changes:1)Gravitational Outer space bag: Weight has been buffed.2)Morquri's Handbarrow: Weight of the bag has been increased. 3)Kirin and Ram are now fuse- able with lower level rides (+/- 10 levels).4)Newbie weapons stats increased to have it equivalent to 70s weapons.5) 120 Rune egg has been kept in shopkeeper NPC.6) Part Candies: Stats affecting PVP candies have been nerfed to give 1 stat instead.

Skill changes:Assassin:Deadly Combo: Combo hit has been reduced to 4x at max rank. Cooldown has been increased by 1 sec. Savage blades: Damage increased to 2000/2500/3000/4500/4000Sword:Death Chop: Combo hit removed. Cooldown has been increased by 1 sec.                      Stance power increased to 2500/3500/400/4500/4700                                                                                                                            Critical % added: 25/30/25/40/50 respectively.
Splitting Attack: Damage increased to 2510/3036/3505/4022/4595
Spine Shell: Healing increased to 300/400/500/600/700

Axe:Powerful Beat V: Changed from 4 sp to MPHeavy Axe cleave: Increased stance power to all ranks. 1400/2300/2800/3400/4500Ax trap: Damage increased to 2900/3200/3800/4400/4600.Bow:Vampire arrow: Casting time reduced.Close Snipe: Damage increased to 290/3200/3800/4400/4600.Spear:Cyclone Stab: Range has been reduced; combo hit has been reduced to x2.Heart stab: Range has been reduced; combo hit has been reduced to x2Spears trap: Damage has been increased to 2750/3150/4150/4450. AOE area has been increased by +5.NOTE: RANGE HAS BEEN DRASTICALLY REDUCED DUE TO OPENING OF EXTENDED SHOT.

Life: Dazzling Burst: Added effect "Stun".Chaos: Blizzard Burst: Added effect "Freeze" and increased spell power.Earth: 108 aoe’s cd down increased to 2 sec.
Common spells:Anti-Locked tactics: Effect adjusted to 65/60/55/50/40 from 65/60/55/35/25 respectively. Anti-Chain shield: Effect adjusted to 65/60/55/50/40 from 65/60/55/35/25 respectively.

Instance Changes:1) Desert/Forest instance bosses now drop 120s gears. 2)Exp for few mobs in the desert instance has been re-adjusted.3)Rides and Robots drop added to Forest and Desert instance.4)Spells Added to Lost region/Horrible Lost region.

Added Spell drops in Lost region and Horrible Lost region(edited)
Lost Region:Vigor BlessingHell ErosionNatural AntibodyAurora Trap Cracking beat Spear HackNimble Horrible Lost region:Protection SpellChaos MelodyCranker MossSwift CutHeavy BeatHeart StabArrow Storm(edited)

NOTE: +5 range had been added to most of the skills in Sword and Axe



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